How to Fix D-Link Router Common Issues?

The D-Link router comes with highly advanced network connectivity features which has full capability to transfer data between systems to system. Its sharp antenna technology makes it broadcast several data streams which allows users to obtain wireless signals in the extreme corners of their home. But the router can also suffer from unexpected technical fault such as installation issues and configuration problems. Well, below are few Steps to Fix D-Link Router Common Issues with absolute solution.

Fix D-Link Router Common Issues

Steps to Fix D-Link Router Common Issues

Fixing up the installation technical faults

To fix this particular issue, make sure that you have unplugged the modem from the power supply. Remove the Ethernet cable now from the PC device and then, connect directly to the Internet port which is found on the rear end of the router. Users here will easily recognize the Internet port which is different from the other port. Make use of the Ethernet cable which is there with the D-Link router, and then, plug it into Ethernet port which is located right at the back of the router and carefully connect it to the Ethernet port of the PC device. Users are now suggested to plug in both the modem as well as the router to the power supply. The green light will further indicate that user can now start working with the Internet.

Resolving the error 103

This error is usually displayed as “Internet connection not verified” message when users have made an attempt to start the installation. To solve it out, simply disconnect the power supply button to the modem as well as the PC.

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Solving the configuration issue of the D-Link router

To resolve it, the first step is to establish a proper connection between the router as well as the system. Open the web browser and then, log in as an admin in to router settings. Now, select the set-up icon and then, choose the newly appearing connection on the subsequent window. Users are now suggested to choose the type as ‘Bridge’ and type ’35’ in to the ‘VCI’ field. Now make a selection of the ‘Restart’ button which will appear on the ‘Tool’ menu of the router. The router configuration will be saved now and will start functioning automatically.

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