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How To Fix Router Error Code 3254 ?

This is an issue which generally lies with the update issue of the router which is suggested to be done by http mode. These devices are prone to errors and hence we have various ways to Fix Router Error Code 3254 with appropriate guidelines.

Methods to Fix Router Error Code 3254

Fix Router Error Code 3254

Step 1: Set up the wireless password by connecting router with an Ethernet cord

  • The first thing is to have a thorough check of default gateways which can be processed by clicking on the start button
  • Tap the all programs icon and then click the accessories button
  • Choose the command prompt icon and then type the “ipconfig” message.
  • Press the enter button
  • have a look on the default gateway IP
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Step 2: Open up the browser

Step 3: go to the address bar and type the IP address. Press the enter button now

Step 4: make sure that your default username is “admin” and the password will be also “admin”

Step 5: have a proper check on the set-up and then, navigate to the wireless settings

Step 6: Have a look for paraphrase as well as on the set-up to create a strong password

Step 7: Set up a password accurately and follow below guideline to go ahead with it:

  • Create a Wi-Fi name and then set it to 1, 6 or 11
  • Choose a mode of 54 Mbps or even more for proper functioning
  • Create your own password which should be accurate to work with
  • Apply accurate settings now

Step 8:get access to your device to have a proper check of wireless network to connect yourself to wireless access point

Step 9: Change the administrator password now

  • Follow above steps carefully and then, look for a proper maintenance
  • Click the set password icon now
  • Now, type the new password to confirm further
  • Apply all the settings accurately to go ahead

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