Fix Common Router Problem

How To Fix Common Router Problems?

While many of the routers comes with good features but still there are certain brands that comprises of  flaws while making life more difficult such as confounding setups or may be even limited security issues.So, here we will introduce you common router problems with solutions that are mostly faced by us while working with them.So, let us now see how to Fix Common Router Problems while addressing all its hidden cause.

Fix Common Router Problems

Steps To Fix Common Router Problems

Problem 1: Difficult configuration

This issue basically deals with setting up issues of any router because of wide number of crowded menus with multiple layers are found while making navigation in critical mode. So, what can be done to rectify the issue?

Solution:  As per as Router Support Number technical team guidelines, simply plug-in everything before running the CD, cables, modems, etc. in particular way should be powered on while establishing a connectionto the router.

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Problem 2: Enabling a file sharing process from the router

Here the issue arises, while plugging the router into an external drive and setting up isn’t always a simple process.

Solution:Install the software which will enable the sharing process without a lot of setup hassles needed. By applying this step, it is easy to connect the computers across the network to the shared storage, either by using the router’s SSID name or the IP address. Do a password authentication process of the shared drive to ensure that it isn’t opened for other’s who’s connected to the network.

Problem 3: Performing Firmware Updates

Router firmware is considered as an essential security defense on the network which needs to be kept updated. But finding firmware updates on a Web site is sometimes considered a tough choice.

Solution:Make the update in automatic mode or categorize them in an easily selectable mode.

Problem 4: Finding out other person on a wireless network

It is essential to make your network highly securedand to check who is using your router? So, sometimes it is hard to remember about the password of the router.

Solution: Check out for all the screens that are usually labeled as “Attached devices” or “DHCP client list” to know who is connected and is working in which IP addresses. By doing this, one will be able to resolve the issue faster.

So, these were few common issues faced by users while working with the router

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