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How to Fix Netgear Wireless Router Connection Issues?

The Netgear Router model JNR1010 is associate with cable modem or wireless. To Fix Netgear Wireless Router Connection Issues with the Model JNR1010 as if provided via cable ISP, and offer wired and wireless web access to several gadgets in home environment. For some router that has yet to connect to internet, refer to installation guide and user manual that was made available with router. JRN1010 Wireless Router is designed to connect cable modem supplied by your cable ISP and provided wired and wireless internet access to multiple devices at your workspace or at home. In most cases connecting Ethernet cable between the cable modem and JNR1010 to run setup wizard as per supplied instructions and get the JNR1010 connected to Internet and have successful access. You can follow the blog steps to troubleshoot the Netgear Router or have assistance from our certified, skilled and experienced technicians at your doorstep via calling on Netgear Router Technical Support Number which is available 24*7 around-the-clock so that you can call any hour of day and night for assistance from us.

Steps for Troubleshooting Netgear Wireless Router Connection issues:

Fix Netgear Wireless Router Connection Issues

Step 1: Have check on cable modem as if not working.

Using the Ethernet cable in order to connect with your computer, laptop or tablet to the cable modem supplied by your ISP. You should be able to access the Internet easily and smoothly. If you are not able to you must try switching the PC and cable modem off and on again. In case you still not able to access the Internet, contact your ISP for assistance.

Step 2: Check for physical connection to cable modem

With the use of Ethernet cable in order to connect with the Ethernet port on the cable modem to the blue WAN port on the JNR1010 router. Switch on the router and the cable modem off and on again. The ‘Internet’ light on the router should be on or blinking

Step 3: Set the internet settings manually

In case the setup wizard has failed to discover correct spellings for internet connection:

  • Start your browser on computer which is connected to router
  • Access the User Interface of Router
  • If prompted for login details default user=”admin” or password =”password”
  • Go to advanced tab on Netgear genie
  • Select the setup and click on sub-category of Internet setup to configure internet connection of your router
  • In case your ISP requires login to connect at does your internet connection requires a login? Select yes and start filling up information that is required on field to enable login
    • Enter ISP username and pwd
    • Enter ISP service Name if required
    • Select connection mode to always ON
  • For IP address select the radio button
  • For DNS address select the radio button automatically from ISP unless your ISP has specified DNS server are to be specified
  • Click on Apply

Step 4: Use the PC MAC address

Very small number of ISP limit Internet access to MAC address of your PC so that only this computer can access the Internet over the trusted and secured connection. In that case you need to make sure you are logged in router using PC that has ISP authorized and select use computer MAC address

Online Remote Assistance via Netgear Customer Support Number

Netgear Router Customer Support Phone Number

When not able to follow the blog steps you can get in touch with us. Connect with us via dialing our toll-free number on +1-800-966-6991 Netgear Router Customer Support Phone Number any hour of day and night. Feel free to communicate via dialing toll-free number, have live chat or drop an email to customer support email id address. With no more delay to your Router technical fault get assistance for fixing the Wireless connection failure.