Fix Router Error Code 10060

How To Fix Router Error Code 10060?

This is basically an issue confined to “Connection timed out error with proxy server”. Users come across this error code when the server fails to obtain a file or the script which users have requested for. One cannot establish a proper connection due to the target computer refused to perform it. Professionals have suggested to increase the value for the number of seconds which Cute Ftp will wait before automatically re connection will be made.Users can further hamper the communication process via email by slowing down the work productivity. Socket error 10060 is sometimes related to the SMTP settings issues in the user’s email which leads to “Authentication settings” problem, ”Firewall settings”  problem as well as ‘Malware” issues. Though it is not a critical server issues but it is seems to have rejecting multiple connections from the same client.Well, let us introduce you with solutions to Fix Router Error Code 10060.

Fix Router Error Code 10060

Solutions To Fix Router Error Code 10060

Solution 1: Try this first solution

According to Router Technical Support professionals,it is said that the connection fails because of timeout error as a result 10060 router issue arises.To resolve the issue users need to perform below solutions:

  • Verify accurately the destination IP address to be correct mode
  • You need to increase the connection timeout threshold system which is found just under the “Global Settings > Connection” icon.
  • Now, simply switch to the opposite data connection process by typing the ‘PASV or PORT’ text under “Site Settings > Type tab” icon.
  • You need to verify that the problem is not local while attempting to connect to alternate server.
  • If you have already used server name then, try to verify it by working with the correct IP address.
  • If you are working with the server table ofserver name resolution then, check if it has resolved the issue of obsolete address.
  • Try to locate the address carefully.
  • If you are working with the router then, verify the router whether it is working properly or not?
  • Now, at last perform a traceroute to the destination with a purpose to verify whether all routers are using appropriate connection path and is operational. It is essential to set up a proper subnet mask.
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Solution 2:If the above solution did not work out then, try to change connection Port connection for an FTP site

  • Open up the ‘Site Manager” first and then click on the site.
  • Navigate to the main menu by clicking on the “File > Properties” icon.
  • Click on the “Type” connection.
  • Now, in the “Port box” icon, users need to type an accurate port number.

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