Troubleshoot Asus N66u Router Error Log

How To Fix Router Error Code 52000?

The issue arise generally when the router is not capable of connecting the device to the wireless network.  While this error executes, users will be get to know that the security setting has entered into ROUTERSUPPORT.CA are not similar as per as instructed by wireless routers. As a result the router won’t be able to assign IP address and ROUTERSUPPORT.CA. Below are solutions discussed to fix Router Error Code 52000.

Fix Router Error Code 52000

Steps to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52000

Step 1: Check for proper security details

Here one needs to check that a proper security and key and security type is entered into the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA similar to what is appearing in the router settings. Also it can be assigned by manual mode.

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Step 2: Check for any type of wireless interference

Ensure that other wireless devices are completely turned off such as phones, wireless cords, speakers etc.

Make sure that the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA which has its open area is free from any objects.

Now, change the router’s channel from 1 to 11. Well, by default most of the router’s channel is 6 which certainly overlaps with other channels causing a technical glitch. To avoid this, simply select an appropriate router’s brand and model.  You will get a wide number of information in the “broadcast channel” area.

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