How To Set-Up Apple Wi-Fi Router?

To set-up Apple Wi-Fi router, users need to gain access to a secure as well as safe server. They should work with the better performance features. If they are seeking for such assistance then, they need to work with the Apple Wi-Fi Router Setup section. The process of setting up an Apple Wi-Fi router up Apple is an easy task. But proper steps are always good to apply. Let us watch out below steps that are there.

Steps to set-up Apple Wi-Fi router

Set-Up Apple Wi-Fi Router

  • Test the internet connection

This is the most essential step to set-up Apple Wi-Fi router where one should first plug in the computer into the modem via an Ethernet cable. Start the device and establish a connection with the internet.

  • Connect the Router to the modem

Make sure that the modem has a connection. It should have a proper connection to the wall as well as cable box. With the help of an Ethernet cord, connect all ports in the modem with the router.

  • Plug in your Apple Wi-Fi router

As per expert instructions, connect the AirPort into the wall outlet and do ensure that the Ethernet has a connection with the modem as well as routers.

  • Install the software

Configure the router and insert the CD that was there with your Apple router device. The connection should be there with the computer. Install it further.

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  • Apply configuration process

Open your Apple AirPort Utility which will appear in the “Start” section. Users will come across with a list of devices. There will be an option which will come up as a “Base station”. Select it and the setup assistant will ask you to name the device and select a password. Press “continue” icon.

  • Creating a Wireless Network mode

As per Apple Wi-Fi router support technical team, users need to select a new wireless network. Press “continue” button to proceed ahead. Name your Wireless Network and select “IP Address”. Here one should have a check on Apple Air Port Utility whether it has a proper IP address or not. Press “continue” button at last. Try to establish a connection with a new Network.

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