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Fix Router Error Code 52130

How To Fix Linksys Router Error Code 322 ?

The error is usually a result of technical issues in the LAN icon is completely disabled and users must have set up the IP address in its manual mode. Inspite chosen as the topmost router brand, such issues still arises when users are working with the Linksys router. This issue may also be a result of Linksys CD which came at the time of purchase. But we have the most convincing solutions to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 322.

Fix Linksys Router Error Code 322

Steps to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 322

Solution 1: Try out this Solution to Remove the Error Code

Step 1: Accessing the Set-up Page

The very first thing is to access the set-up page by launching an appropriate browser as well as typing a proper IP address in the address bar. Now click on the enter button.

Step 2: Typing the Login Details

Enter a proper login details such as username as well as password where you need to type the username as “admin”. It should be without any quotes.

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Step 3: Saving Phase

Hit on the “OK” button and choose the “internet connection type” which is available in the main page set-up section. Now, hit on the icon which will appear as “obtain IP automatically” which will be DHCP connection. Save the settings chosen by you.

Step 4: Working with the Mac Address

You will come across an address which is displayed as “MAC address clone”. Click on the enable icon now to activate the function. Now, save the settings by clicking on the “save” icon

Solution 2: If the above one did not work out then, try the second solution

Here users can set-up router in manual mode without the need of CD. To enable this option, do ensure that your computer is well connected to the internet connection so that the modem is working fine. Open up the set page of the router to change the router’s settings matched according to the ISP.

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Process to Reset a Linksys Router Password

According to the team of Linksys Router Technical Support professionals, resetting of the router’s password needs to restore it to its original factory settings process by users and then choose for a new password. To Reset a Linksys Router Password, follow the easy steps are given below.

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Method 1 teaches you about Resetting the Linksys Router

  • Turn on the router first as most of the Linksys routers don’t have an on/off switch, but it will automatically turn on when plugged it into an outlet.

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  • Resetting of the router is required and wait until the Power light starts blinking. Press and hold the Reset button for a while such as 10 seconds.
  • The Reset button will easily be located at the back of the router just near the power cord, but it can surely change the location depending on the model.
  • Older Linksys routers on the other hand, ask users to press and hold the reset button on the router for atleast 30 seconds to reset it properly.
  • Turning off the router and turn it on again by users is essential. Unplugging of the router to turn it off, wait atleast for 30 seconds, and then users can easily plug it again to turn the router on. This is known as power-cycling.
  • Wait atleast for the Power light to stop blinking repeatedly. It is recommended by Linksys Technical Support Phone Number expert professionals to turn the router off if the power light doesn’t stop blinking and wait for 30 seconds, to turn it on again.
  • Connecting of the router to the computer should be checked first . Connect your router to a PC with the help of its Ethernet cable. Users  can alternatively make use of any of the Ethernet ports available for the router to connect it to the computer.
  • When the router is connected to a computer with an Ethernet cable, then the Ethernet port light will automatically light up.
  • Connecting the router to the modem is strictly advised by expert professionals. To turn off the modem, plug-in the router directly to the modem. After this, a user needs to turn on the modem again.
  • Now, your modem is accurately connected to the internet port in the wall as well as to the computer.

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