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How to Fix Netgear Router Error Code 651?

If you have just purchased a Netgear broadband high-speed DSL modem and you followed all the installation instructions to install it. After making the installation process, still, there is showing no internet connection and you got an error message, ‘connection failed with error 651’. You are unable to understand the Netgear Router Error Code 651 means, then don’t worry about it, we are here to help. Error Code 651 in Netgear Router is simply indicating that you are trying to establish that internet connection which is failing. There are may be various reasons for failing the network connections, but you don’t need to panic. Here the blog will simply guide you Fix Netgear Router Error Code 651, so you can get rid the issue easily. Thus, you just need to follow the steps that are given below to solve this Error Code 651.

Fix Netgear Router Error Code 651

Steps to Fix Netgear Router Error Code 651

Step 1:- Reinstall the Netgear Modem

Many times the drivers may get infected, and may have been not installed properly or other problems create such type of error message. Then the best solutions are to remove the modem driver, which will surely help to fix Netgear Modem Error code 651. If you have a standard Ethernet card, then you can uninstall and reinstall modem drivers from your computer without any problems.

After performing the steps, start your modem and check its work fine and the error are resolved. If it’s not fixed, then go to the next step.

Step 2:- Use Registry Cleaner

You should try to use the Registry Cleaner software which may help to solve this Error code 651. Often, you may have used Windows 7 Virtual PC or Suns Virtual Box on your computer. These may cause issues with the modem and cause Error. Then you must need to uninstall them quickly. After this thing, you should try to use registry cleaner software to fix this error. Rename

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Step 3:- Rename raspppoe.Sys

Rename “raspppoe.Sys” may help you to solve this issue in the perfect manner. The driver files “raspppoe. Sys” that is found under ‘C:windowssystem32drivers’ folder and may be the cause of the error. So you will need to rename the original “raspppoe.Sys” file to something like “raspppoe.bak”. After that, you will need to copy a new version of the file from a different computer or search the Internet. After you have backed up, renamed the file, and replaced it with another version, then you can restart your computer. After rebooting, you should try starting a new connection. After this, you will be able to easily access the broadband Internet connection service.

In case, still, this error persisting, then you can take online guidance through our proficient experts to Fix Netgear Router Error Code 651.

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Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router

FTP originally stands for File transfer protocol which is used to transfer file faster from one location to another over the internet mode. One can also remotely access the drive which is connected to their router via USB so that they can easily get access to various files and folders, and download them whenever in need.  Netgear router technical support team officially recommends users to work with this feature if they are in need to access all their files on remote basis. It is further extremely safe and to use the setup process. However, users are normally recommended not to enable this feature if they do not need it at all. To Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router, just call Netgear Router Support Number +1-800-966-6991.

Netgear Nighthawk router

 Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk Router

Step1: Connection establishment

  • Connection is to be made with the hard-drive to the router directly via USB port.

Step2: Web browser

  • Open and get access to the web browser from the computer which is simply connected to the router.

Step3: Access the desired link

  • Go to the desired router web URL section and then enter the IP address of the router which you have with you.

Step4: Login phase

  • Enter the username as well as password when you are prompted. Default username will be admin and default password is always the password.

Step5: Checkbox

  • Go to the “ADVANCED > USB Storage > Advanced Settings” option and click on the FTP via an Internet checkbox.

Step6: Read and write permissions

  • Users can always change the read and write permissions for the users by simply clicking on the “Edit” button. One can also change the name of the drive as well.

Step7: Save option

  • To save all the settings, simply click on the “Apply” button.

Be careful that your router must have the direct Internet connection to make it easily accessible to the drive over the internet. Well, this will not work if your hard-disk is well connected to the secondary router. One should definitely connect their hard-disk to the primary router for this to work in a proper manner.

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If you have any queries or if facing severe issues, then please get in touch with our Netgear router customer support team. We are just a call away to help overcome with all your queries.


How to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

First of all, before getting a deep down about the steps involved in working with the ReadyCloud, let’s have a look on the Ready Cloud definition.  It’s basically a secure method to get access to your network devices directly from the Netgear from anywhere. For this, one needs to have a proper internet connection and browser.  Well, this includes storage devices such as the ReadyNAS (a network attached storage system).  As defined by professional team of Netgear technical support experts, Ready Cloud has full ability to allow users to log in to an online portal via Netgear software. It will further open a secure tunnel to users’ devices at home.

netgear technical support

Steps to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

Step1: ReadyCloud account

The very first step is to simply open the Ready Cloud account on the online portal.

Step2: Update process

  • Next, ensure that the R7000 is accurately updated to its latest version of the firmware, which will include ReadyCloud integration process.
  • The router will automatically prompt you in a manual mode to install all the updates.
  • Next, users are requested to perform the step via GUI built-in router which will allow users to get access to the from their browser.

Step3: Ensure the latest updates

  • Users need to work with the latest updates to attach a formatted USB drive to the R7000. After the USB drive has been attached completely, head towards the “ReadySHARE” tab in the GUI, which can easily be found in the “Basic” section.
  • Then, select the ReadyCloud dropdown option as given
  • Users will then be presented with a dialog box asking them to enter their ReadyCloud credentials carefully. Use the credentials that you selected while you were registering through the web portal.

Step4: Verification mode

  • Verification of the ReadyCloud account is necessary to make sure that it is working well on the R7000
  • Users next need to verify that they can download as well as view their files
  • Ensure that the ReadyCloud is well compatible with the Mobile Clients

router customer support

Hope this blog will help you to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”. But still if you find it difficult anywhere to cope up with any kind of situation related to Netgear, then do call us at our Netgear Router customer support  (+1-800-966-6991) department. Our instant support is immediately available to users across the world.


How To Fix Netgear Error Code 10 On Windows 7?

If users are facing issues, then they can grab couple of solutions to troubleshoot the problem easily. Users working on more than one computer, needs to determine whether the problem lies with their device or with the computer attach with the second computer. This document is explained by professional Netgear router support experts on how to Fix Netgear Error Code 10 (on device manager) after users have installed the network adapter.

netgear router error 10

Steps to Fix Netgear Error Code 10:

To identify the problem, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Right-click on the “My Computer” section and select the “Properties” icon.
  • Under the System Properties, a user is required to select the “Hardware” tab and then select “Device Manager” icon.
  • In the Device Manager a user will be able to see the NETGEAR adapter (For ex: WPNT121T) with a big Yellow Exclamation sign listed in Network adapters category.
  • Double click on the “NETGEAR’ Adapter and then check the device status which is located just below the General

Causes for Code 10:

  • IRQ conflict
  • Adapter not plugged in properly
  • Wrong/Incorrect driver installed

To uninstall your adapter drivers:

  1. Uninstall the adapter drivers by right-clicking on the NETGEAR Adapter and then select the “Uninstall” icon.
  1. Turn off the computer and then gently remove the adapter from the computer.
  2. Turn on the PC and then carefully install drivers again via the use of CD or the software which you have downloaded for the adapter from the support site.
  3. When a user is prompted to plug in or even is asked to insert the adapter, then they are requested to insert the adapter on a different slot simply to avoid any conflict you’re your existing devices.

If you find that few issue still persist, then just uninstall the drivers from the system.

  1. Downloading the latest drivers for the adapter from NETGEAR Download Center is recommended by Netgear router technical support professionals and follow all the installation instructions.

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